Climate Change

Risks coming from climate change have a special incidence over urban areas, such as rising temperature, sea-level rising, water scarcity, droughts, flooding and food supply risk. These impacts become more intense when public services, infrastructures and housing are affected.

Population growth, together with climate change effects, form a lethal combination which is already increasing the risks for human health.

What is Life Adaptate?

LIFE ADAPTATE aims to increase the commitment of European municipalities with the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy by the development of local adaptation plans which will be integrated in the previous mitigation objectives of several municipalities, giving a comprehensive approach to the fight against climate change.

The main solution proposed by LIFE ADAPTATE against climate change effects is to contribute to the improvement of climate policy and legislation both at local level and European level, such as EU Strategy on Adaptation to climate change and the 2030 climate and energy package aimed at achieving GHG reduction, energy efficiency improvement and increasing renewable energy production.

The specific objectives of LIFE ADAPTE are:

– To develop Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAP) in 6 municipalities in 3 different countries (Latvia, Portugal and Spain), taking advantage of synergies and know-how of different entities supporting technical development and public participation approach

– To develop demonstrative pilot actions related to mitigation/adaptation to climate change at local level and the different approaches that can be used to face similar risks in different European areas, widening the knowledge database of adaptation actions.

– To test and demonstrate cooperation schemes among municipalities of different countries and the positive effects of public involvement and participation.

– To evaluate how local initiatives and the adoption of specific measures allow the adaptation and mitigation of the climate change effects.

-To promote specific resources and guidelines to allow transfer and replication of the project activities at European level.

This set of specific projects points towards a final objective: that local authorities and support entities have reinforced mechanism to develop effective measures to climate change adaptation.

Geographical scope

Where does Life Adaptate take place?

Life Adaptate will be developed in six municipalities belonging to three different countries of the European Union: Spain, Portugal and Latvia.


Who is part of Life Adaptate?

Project coordinator.

Responsible for preparatory actions with municipalities, analysis of climate risks, transfer and replication activities and project management.

Technical support during the project development.

Responsible for communication and dissemination activities and monitoring the results obtained.

Technical support during the project development.

Responsible of the development, approval and implementation of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans.

Technical support during the project development.

Responsible of preparatory actions for pilot actions and their implementation.

Municipality located in the North Region of Portugal.

Besides developing its SECAP, they will create shaded areas with photovoltaic awnings to reduce the risks derived from heat waves and a natural lake to collect rainwater.

Coastal municipality located in the south of Murcia Region, southeast of Spain.

With the development of its SECAP and the implementation of its pilot action, the municipality aims to be adapted to climate change, reducing its vulnerability to heat waves or sea level rising.

Municipality located in Murcia Region, southeast of Spain.

Its SECAP and its pilot action will encourage the adoption of measures to adapt the municipality to climate change, including green areas as an adaptation measure against heat waves.

Municipality located in Murcia Region, southeast of Spain.

Its objective is to develop an action plan against climate change and carry out its pilot action, installing awnings on streets to mitigate heat island effect and heat waves.

Municipality located in the Bajo Alentejo Region of Portugal.

It is a municipality very vulnerable to water scarcity, to the increase of temperatures and with great risk of fires. Its SECAP and pilot action seek to mitigate these effects derived from climate change.

Municipality located in the Region of Vidzeme, in northern Latvia.

Its objective is to find a solution to phenomena such as the heavy rain that this municipality suffers due to climate change. During its pilot project, the artificial lake “Vidusezers” will be cleaned to effectively collect the rainwater and reduce the risk of flooding.

Technical support for the evaluation of climate change scenarios and the adoption of local adaptation policies.

Responsible for adapting local policies to the needs for adaptation to climate change.