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Monitoring visit of the project monitor

Last 19th of June, the LIFE ADAPTATE project was visited by Asier Rodríguez (NEEMO monitor), for the review and monitoring of the project. During his stay a meeting was held in Lorca with the Spanish project partners, to check the status of the actions and to make a review of the administrative and financial issues.

In addition, during the meeting the pilot action of Lorca was visited, consisting of the creation of shaded areas through the installation of awnings in one of the busiest streets of the city.

25 June, 2019
Adaptate News

ECCA 2019: European Climate Change Adaptation – Working together to prepare for change

Our partners from INFO and IRRADIARE attend the fourth edition of the European Climate Change Adaptation conference, held in Lisbon, to present the LIFE ADAPTATE project.

This conference aims to disseminate the proposed solutions on the topics of adaptation to climate change and prevention and reduction of the risk of disasters caused by extreme events. In order to promote an increase in the resilience of societies, special attention will be given to the transfer of knowledge between science and innovation, governance and good practices.

This event is a good opportunity to create synergies with other projects related to the same subject.

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29 May, 2019
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Raising awareness among young people about Climate Change

Climate change is the greatest challenge humanity has faced in its history and to stop it, it is necessary to know how we have caused it. That is why, within the framework of the LIFE ADAPTATE project, educational talks have been given in a total of 19 educational centres in order to make the youngest people aware of the importance of tackling climate change.

In the talks, fundamental concepts such as the greenhouse effect and global warming were explained and the causes and consequences of climate change were presented. In addition, practical activities were carried out through which the students were made to see that everyone, including themselves, is responsible for this climate change.

The LIFE ADAPTATE project and its expected results, as well as the pilot actions that will be carried out in the participating cities, were also presented in all the talks.

It is worth mentioning the interest shown by all the students as they were not only attentive to all the explanations but also proposed very good measures to put an end to climate change.

25 May, 2019
Adaptate News

Lorca begins the installation of an awnings system to generate shaded areas and reduce heat

Lorca has begun the implementation of a pilot action in streets of the historic centre by installing awnings with the aim of reducing the effects of heat waves and urban heat islands. For this, shadow corridors will be created by installing awnings in several commercial areas and a large pedestrian traffic in the historic centre of Lorca, such as Corredera, Alporchones and Almirante Aguilar streets.

This experience will be carried out in the months of May, June, July, August, September and part of the month of October during a period of 3 years, until 2021, to try to measure the temperature and quantify the benefits obtained for the population and the commercial area of these emblematic streets.

The Social Council of the City approved a few months ago unanimously the creation of a Working Group for the drafting of the Climate Change Adaptation Plan “Life Adaptate Project”. This pilot project aims to reduce the risks related to climate in the daily life of the neighbours by decreasing the ambient temperature in the area, making the city more pleasant for pedestrians.

The Mayor of Lorca, Fulgencio Gil, together with the Councillor for the Environment, Mª Saturnina Martínez, supervised this morning the start of the works of placing the canvases integrated in the awnings.

20 May, 2019
Adaptate News

Adaptation webinar series #2: Designing adaptation strategy and action plan

The Covenant of Mayors Office is organizing a webinar which will focus on designing a strategy and action plan for adaption to climate change impacts. In this webinar, city practitioners will present various aspects of this process, including how to identify and prioritize possible adaptation measures, how to engage with citizens and other stakeholders and how to build on existing policies.

A tool which facilitates the identification of adaptation measures to address a range of climate change hazards will also be presented during the webinar.


The information about this webinar is described below:



Taking place online on the 13rd of June, from 10:00 – 12:30

You can register here:

20 May, 2019
Adaptate News


Last April was published the 2019 call of the UE LIFE Programme for the Environment and Climate Action of the, which has an allocation of € 1,657 million for the period 2018-2020.

Sub-programmes and priority areas

The LIFE programme is divided into two sub-programmes, one for environment and one for climate action. For each sub-programme there are three priority areas stablished and each one has different Policy areas. Every policy area contains the work areas which has to be addressed by the projects.

Environment sub-programme:

  • Environment and resource efficiency (ENV-RE).
  • Nature and biodiversity (NAT, BIO).
  • Environmental governance and information (GIE).

The submission of proposals to the Environment subprogram is carried out in two phases. Phase 1: June 2019 (Concept Note), phase 2:  September 2019 (full proposal).

Climate action sub-programme:

  • Climate change mitigation (CCM)
  • Climate change adaptation (CCA)
  • Climate governance and information (GIC)

The submission of proposals to the Climate action sub-programme is carried out in a single phase: September 2019 (full proposal).

For more information:


6 May, 2019
Adaptate News

European Green Week 2019

Environmental laws have a huge impact on our life. But to really make an appreciable difference, these EU laws have to be properly implemented.

The next edition of EU Green Week (13-17 May 2019) will focus on the importance of development, monitoring and compliance with environmental legislation.

EU Green Week 2019 will include events across Europe, with the official opening event on 13 May in one of the Member States and a high-level summit in Brussels from 15 to 17 May.

For more information:

3 May, 2019
Adaptate News

Life Adaptate holds its fourth Monitoring Meeting in Alfândega da Fé

On April 4th and 5th, the LIFE ADAPTATE project consortium met in Alfândega da Fé to hold its fourth biannual meeting. The objective of this meeting was to share the work carried out in the previous months and to organize the future actions to be carried out.

The first day, the meeting started with the presentation of the progress of the actions that have been ongoing since the last meeting. The team also discussed the status of the six pilot actions that will be implemented in all municipalities participating in the project. During the day, the location of Alfândega da Fé pilot action were visited.

The second day, partners talked about the first participation workshops held in each municipality and about the state of development of the SECAPs.

To end the meeting, the dissemination and communication activities were reviewed and the experiences obtained during the talks on Climate Change carried out in the educational centres of the municipalities participating in the project were presented.

9 April, 2019
Adaptate News

Smiltene will take part in the Covenant of Mayors 2019 Twinning Programme

Amongst over 60 applications received, 12 municipalities and 2 Covenant Territorial Coordinators  have been selected to take part in the Covenant of Mayors 2019 twinning programme.

Smiltene has been chosen to participate in one of the seven peer-to-peer exchanges that will be organised by the EU Covenant of Mayors Office and funded by the European Commission.

Smiltene’s partner in this programme is the municipality of Milos, Greece. Milos has a population of 4,977 inhabitants and is a signatory of the Covenant of Mayors 2030 targets on climate change mitigation and adaptation. They are already implementing their mitigation and adaptation plan, and given Smiltene’s interest in tourism, buildings and energy the match has been quite interesting for the municipality.

Currently, the local authority is planning a preparatory call with both Milos municipality and and the Covenant of Mayors Office project manager to discuss which municipality will be the first hoster as well as the date of the first twinning visit and learning objectives.

Find out more information about the Twining Programme matches in this link.

12 February, 2019
Adaptate News

Our didactic unit is ready to be used!

The current accelerating pace of climate change has become a matter of concern that makes it urgent to act as soon as possible.

The situation has reached such an extent that the scientific community has already warned that climate change is a reality we all are suffering. The current amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) concentrations in the atmosphere has been exceeding the desirable level for decades, what the planet is capable of absorbing. However, this change can be stoppable and its intensity limited so that the effects are not that damaging. Thus, it is of great importance that countries make decisions and adopt policies in order to adapt to the coming changes and try to slow down the process and reduce its impact.

On the other hand, urban areas play a key role, given that they are responsible for the greatest amount of CO2 emissions, the GHG used as a reference and whose level in the atmosphere is definitely higher than that of preindustrialized times.

For those reasons, LIFE Adaptate project was born in order to contribute to the adaptation of our cities to the impacts of climate change.

Thus, the objective of this didactic unit is to show the increasing importance of climate change and educate the student on the most relevant aspects about this topic.

Either you are a high-school teacher or someone interested in learning more about climate change, feel free to download our Didactic Unit on Climate Change available in four languages.


5 February, 2019