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Life Adaptate disseminated among students

Life Adaptate message is key for our society. That’s why we are visiting secondary and upper education centres in order to inform students about the consecuences of climate change in the urban environment and how to reduce its effects by implementing mitigation and adaptation measures in our municipalities.

Workshops for the SECAP development

In line with their commitment to the Covenant of Mayors, municipalities have held several participatory workshops to decide on the content of their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans. Key sectors and stakeholders were invited to these workshops, with the aim of establishing in a collaborative process the main lines of action and different measures to be included in the aforementioned municipal plan.


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Ekodoma and the Municipality of Smiltene discuss how climate change is affecting Latvia and present us their adaptation pilot action

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Downloadable documents

Brochure 1 Life Adaptate

Didactic unit on climate change

Guide for the SECAP development

Guide to adapting local policies to the needs of climate change

Climate Change Exhibition - Posters


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