Actions and results

Preparatory actions

Preliminary actions include all those administrative and technical activities that are necessary to prepare the project implementation, such as:

1. Adhesion of 6 municipalities to Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy
2. Final design of pilot actions to be developed in each municipality
3. Development of public participation protocols and guidelines
Implementation actions

Climate risks assessment

This action develops the first stage of development of SECAPs related to the adaptation issues, including the selection of the climate change scenarios to be used in the assessment of effects and risks associated to climate change and the analysis of potential risks to prepare the actions to be implemented.

Implementation actions

Development, approval and implementation of the Local Adaptation Plans (Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans, SECAP)

This action will develop, approve and implement 6 SECAP’s (3 in Spain, 2 in Portugal and 1 in Latvia) using participatory approaches in each municipality and cooperation among municipalities.

This action includes the definition and selection of adaptation measures, the development the adaptation plan, its official approval and the implementation of measures.


1. Approved final local SECAP’s
2. Reports on the local stakeholders meetings
Implementation actions

Development of pilot actions

This action will develop six pilot actuations related to climate change adaptation and mitigation at a local scale. These pilot actions carried out by six municipalities are expected to affect clearly to these municipalities and will be integrated in their SECAPs.


1. Local adaptation projects in Spain, Portugal and Latvia
Implementation actions

Adaptation of local policies to the needs of climate change adaptation

This action works on the sustainability of the adaptation and mitigation approach at local scale through its inclusion in the planning and management activities of municipalities.

Specifically, this action will be aimed at setting the obligation of including the objectives of emissions reductions for 2030 set by EU in any new plan and project for Works or activities. Additionally, it will include also the effects of climate change and the adaptation measures needed to face it in these Works or activities.


2. Achievements made on the improvement of local policies though the inclusion of climate change adaptation and limitation
Implementation actions

Transfer and replication activities

This action will develop and implement two strategies:

1. The replication and transfer strategy, which will guide the replication and transfer processes of project outcomes. It includes the development of a cooperation agreement and procedures, tools, training materials and courses, besides other tools and outputs and the involvement of the support structures to the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.
2. The sustainable strategy, aimed at identifying and approaching the technical and financial resources that could support the implementation of SECAPs in municipalities and the action of supporting bodies.


1. Replication and transfer strategy
2. Sustainability strategy